Troll Pub Under the Bridge – 150 W Washington, Louisville, KY 40202


Louisville, Kentucky

Absolutely! One of the best restaurants “PUBS” in the local area. Located at 150 W Washington Street, in Louisville, KY. It is just under (or next to) the 2nd Street bridge, across from the underground parking for the KFC-YUM Center entrance at the 2nd street entrance. You can’t really miss it, since there is a giant troll standing there pointing you in the right direction.  He will even request you have your picture taken with him before you head downstairs to the pub. 

Once inside, the atmosphere is amazing! I don’t know if it is the Scottish in me or the love of anything vintage. The woodwork, brick walls and basement atmosphere is fantastic. Pictures that have been taken of old buildings around the Louisville, KY, area decorate the walls. The Celtic designs that are carved into the woodworking (by some of the employees) gives a good feeling of pride for the place. It is a good family place to go have a nice pub style dinner. I had Fish n’ Chips, and I will have to say, after coming back from a trip to Mackinaw City, MI, and eating Fish n’ Chips at a traditional Irish pub there on Lake Huron… The Troll Pub Under the Bridge wins it hands down. The best I have ever eaten. Not to say that I have traveled the world eating “Fish n’ Chips”, but The Troll Pub had the best I’ve ever tasted. Light, fluffy and not greasy. Just the way I like them.                                                                        

They have an absolutely beautiful bar at the back of the restaurant

The restaurant holds a couple of great secrets that I will have to leave for you to find out. The only way you can find out is if you go there. The place is magnificent. Their menu has a good mix of items to satisfy different tastes. 

If you go off of this review, please leave a message and let me know what you thought. I plan on making another trip there very soon.



English: Montage of Louisville Ky

English: Montage of Louisville Ky (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

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