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How often have you gone out to eat and thought over and over to yourself… “I wish someone had told me about this place LONG before I considered coming here” ?   Well, I hope to help alleviate some of those problems for you. Clyde and I were talking the other night and were in our little gripe mood about how restaurants take it for granted that you just want to come in there and throw away your money, regardless of how much or how little you are actually spending in there. In my opinion, I don’t care if you are spending on a $10 dinner or a $50 dinner. Service is service. How you are treated says a lot about the server. How your food is prepared say a lot about the kitchen staff and the person running those staff; AND, when you have a complaint, how that is handled not only says a lot about the integrity of the restaurant manager, but of the company he/she works with.

Over the past few months, Clyde and I have cut our ties with restaurants we have LOVED all because of the kitchen manager and found new restaurants we thought we’d NEVER eat at. Through this blog, I hope to share those experiences with anyone and everyone. I look forward to anwering any questions you may have and addressing any comments you might make. This is not a place to fight/argue. It is a place to share and learn. Years ago I was a secret shopper for some local restaurants and thought I would just use the same guidelines I used back then.

If you have a restaurant you would like to know about… I might check it out. It I know it is something that I just WILL not eat, I will seek the opinion of some very trusted and knowledgeable friends to check into it for me. I look forward to see where this leads.

This is an exciting adventure. I will keep a list of restaurant requests and let you know when we have eaten there.

Thanks and Happy ‘Eats!



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